Seems kinda weird talking about a 2020 Fall Crop when the Texas Heat is beaming down close to 100 degrees.

I kinda got a late start choosing to subsidize my Rideshare business with lawn care , but who would have ever thought that the World was about to change. And change it did in a very dramatic way.

I can remember when I was in school and the week of Spring Break flew by. The seniors of 2020 could have never guessed they were never to go back to school.

The 2020 election year has really proven to be something.

I had designed my business to cater to business travelers, the convention industry, or someone in Johnson County wanting to be on the first flight out of Love Field.

That’s what has me writing this story about the 2020 Fall Crop in the heat of the summer, one day after the 4th of July.

It really doesn’t matter if the election in November caused all the excitement or its the connection we have been waiting on for several years, but anyone that has read the Word knows who wins in the end anyway.

My Rideshare Hustle has been my best side Gig since I start working in 1974, so this really made me think;”what did the pandemic not stop?
It didn’t stop the grass from growing !”

I already had a riding lawn tractor and a push mower so I had to find someone wanting their lawn mowed.

I have since picked up a weed eater, blower, and an edger and just the last two items set me apart from most that are riding around with just a mower and a pickup.

My previous escapades have also equipped me with a 3/4 ton diesel pickup, 6X10 dander axel flatbed trailer, and a 6X10 enclosed trailer.

Taking the education I’ve learned about how to locate properties that someone would like to sell for a discount hasn’t been waited either.
People that are involved with a “life changing event” are not really concerned about keeping the grass mowed.

Here comes “Dan The Man” to cut that grass for you; trim the edges with the weed eater; cut those deep defining edges separateing the lawn from the driveway; and blowing all the clippings in front of the neighbors house before I go.

I may be stretching that just a little, but you can bet the neighbors know you got your lawn cut bay a professional.

Getting back to the reason I felt the need to write my thoughts about the 2020 Fall Crop, is some of the changes made for CoVi Land Services this weekend.

The trusted and sure fire Craftsman Push mower has been replaced by a TORO Super Recycler Lawn Mower.

The yard I did in Crowley was the one that helped make the decision to upgrade. Funny thing about it; Friday, I went to three different lawn business to do my mower upgrade, and wound up buying at the new Burleson Tractor Supply.

I’m planning to upgrade the John Deere Lawn Tractor with a Zero-turn TORO. It may not be new, because I’m seeing several for sale online, and I’m finding good reviews on the TORO’s.

I was able to locate and purchase a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor that connects to all the implements I had collected when I had a Massey 130, I used to trade with my brother for some dirt work.

I spent most of the morning working on cleaning out the enclosed trailer and setting it up for a more professional look and to make it easier to work out of.

Captian D’s was on the menu for lunch, as I needed to get some things from Lowe’s. Also made a stop by the mail before coming back home to finally get on the “New to Me” Massey.

I first hooked it up to the brush hogg and drug it up to the barn for inspection. It’s been sitting out in the pasture for several years and will require a little TLC.

first thought I was going to have to get a new drive shaft, but it reaches the PTO.

Then I went out and hooked up with the side way plow. I took it for a couple rounds on the pasture, but it’s needing a tube of greese. At least!

Then I surprised the new Massey when I dug out my Massey Spade. It’s just a single shank that connects to the 3 point hookup, but it’s a BEAST!

Spent about an hour breaking up some of the hard black clay out here, and the Massey didn’t let me down.

Take a look at the video and send me information from our Contact Page if you have some ground you want broken up for a 2020 Fall Crop.

I plan on planting Oats starting in the middle of September, and it will be a first come first serve to anyone who is interested.

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