How to Keep a Lush Yard and Garden? – Tips from a Local Lawn Irrigation Service Provider in El Paso, TX, 79922

If you’ve never lived in a house with a yard, then you may not know how to care for it and how to properly maintain a lawn. So, if you’re moving into a new home with a lawn, then you may need some clues to dealing with that. Most new homeowners choose to deal with the landscaping on their own. It’s easy when you have just bought the place and it has a nice healthy yard and garden. However, with time, things change, and if you don’t take good care of your lawn, it can develop several unpleasant problems. To avoid that, we recommend you learn some of the basics of keeping a healthy lawn.

Professional Lawn Irrigation ServiceThe first thing you need to know is how to mow it properly. If it grows out of proportion, it starts to lose its charm and gives good refuge to bugs and other pests. So, as a lawn irrigation service provider, I suggest you be very careful when doing the mowing. Don’t cut the grass too low. If it is cut too short, it becomes weaker and starts to wither. To avoid such problems, we suggest you don’t take more than 2/3 of the leaf’s length.

The second thing you should learn a thing or two is the irrigation. As a lawn irrigation service provider, we keep reminding people about the dangers of watering too much or too little. First, you need to make sure you’re distributing the water evenly in the whole yard. Second, you need to avoid watering too much because it will make the soil too moist and lead to some unpleasant predicaments. That includes the growing of weeds, mushrooms and mold, along with breeding various bacteria and plant diseases. Also, excess moisture can cause the roots of your plants to rot and decay. Another thing you need to watch out for when watering is creating a runoff. If the water is running off your property and going down the sidewalk, you need to stop it. This will increase your water bill, and it won’t even feed your plants. So, make sure you prevent such problems.

These are the basics of what owning a lawn can include, so if you encounter any serious problems, don’t hesitate to give Complete Lawncare & Tree Service of El Paso, TX a call at (915) 201-2912!

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