Code Violation Fort Worth

I need help!
As you can see from the photo, property owners in Fort Worth need help with their property, and I’m the kinda GUY THAT NEEDS SOMETHING TO DO.
This photo is just a small portion of Fort Worth, and I am only targeting the Hi-Grass Code Violations at this time. is where I have a contact page to start the conversation.

I am focusing my business on taking on “Hi-Grass”, and allow that to fund growth into the challenges of “Building Rehabilitation”, which is another

“Code Violation” problem in Fort Worth .

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Tips on Ride-share

I speak with people from around the states about the Rideshare industry and a recent question I was asked needs to be shared!

“Are the tips better ?”

My response was ;

Tips are down considerably, but just like before; “the better the conversation, the better the tip.”
Now that the business travelers are staying home, no more mega-sized conventions bringing people that appreciate quality service and reward it.
Pretty much local traffic that think the service should be free.
I still feel Rideshare is the “Perfect Franchise” with all the different possibilities.
If you get your priorities in order and put at the top of your list what makes you happy and stay focused on that, the negative things seem to become minor.
Something I have found that seems to work for me is getting into the habit of taking a nap sometime in the middle of the day. This seems to help me stay on top of my game.
“7/11 Colombian coffee” after the nap has become my weapon of choice and charges my batteries!!!
My biggest challenge seems to be finding a place to feel safe enough and lay my seat back.
So, if you see me parked some where and my seat is reclined, I’m pausing for your safety 😜😜😜
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“How To Increase Your Income”

I’m finally writing a story about “how to increase your income“. How to increase your income is a pretty hot topic right now, especially if your income has been damaged by the latest pandemic going on (Corona virus). Seems  like my life has been designed for this time. It’s the most perfect time because the majority  of my adult life, I’ve been working in the sheet metal industry, which is 80-85% dealing with commercial / industrial heating and  air conditioning (hospitals, air ports, and major high-rises). You name it; but Moving  air is what the sheet metal industry, the majority of the business is now in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Anyone familiar with the Construction Trade knows that being Union in the South means your Semi-Retired (Part-Time).

 One of my side gigs has been Ride-share (Uber & Lyft), and I started that with Uber 4 years ago last January and four years ago in April with Lyft (Lyft has been doing quite a bit better lately) . Actually, the only thing that I am getting ride request with is Lyft right now.

Anyway, this morning I started my day early.

Ride-share kind of works in Threads, and I have learned there’s a certain thread that you got  to start your day with.

Since I live in the southwest corner of the Metroplex, I have found ways to draw myself into where the majority of people live.

Where they work
Do businesses, and
Use the service.

I prefer working with Business people, so I found out what time the first flight out of DFW and Love Field was.

I use Love Field because it is the farthest from where I live. If I catch one ride to Love Field, that right there has bought my tank of gas for the day and everything after that is going to be profit.

My schedule, on days I plan to drive, will focus on that and explains my excuse for getting up early this morning and got my day started early at 2:30.

I do my Studying about ”Lawn Care“ first thing of the day while my mind is clear.

This is what I’m building, which is basically starting with just mowing grass.

“How To Increase Your Income” (Marketing)

I’ve taken the Marketing knowledge that I learned from being in the ”real estate” industry.

I have a yellow letter program that I put in place and optimized it until I can send a letter for 72 cents (If stamps don’t go up again). I have had some luck with bandit signs, but the Yellow Letters are probably my best marketing tool.

I’ll give everyone a heads up to this point; I’m switching my yellow letter marketing over to my lawn mowing business.

I’m targeting Tax Delinquent, Divorce, and Probate to start with, and yes; I have the same message on my phone I got from one of my Real Estate Workshops.

Since the tax delinquents are a good thread to start the conversation on possibly getting to buy a house at a discount.

I see my lawn care, in other words, everything over the years , as running in parallels. And, even though I’m doing sheet metal, Rideshare, real estate, and  Lawn mowing, the whole world is running parallels. Sheet metal has always been  my bread-and-butter, and that’s going to be my biggest ticket for the hours spent. The the most I make per hour spent has been a great meal, but then again, Ride-share is a good Contender. Because, whenever I hit a “Select” call, I’m making $2.65 a mile. so, I can beat what I make doing sheet metal (If I could only be consistent.

Okay, but then when the pandemic got full-blown, they shut the travel industry down, because of government sending people money and tell everyone to stay at home.

I don’t know how to do it, get access to the free money that is, because I got a call from the Union Hall about a 4-5 week job at the GM Plant just before it hit, and I was working so I haven’t seen any of that yet.

Since Ride-share was my strongest side-gig, I had to stop and really think about what did this not stop?

It didn’t stop the grass from growing. That’s one thing that’s still happening.

No matter what you do with the economy, be it political, which I think it is (That’s just my opinion). There’s always something blowing up election year and this year is no different than any of the previous years or elections.

So this year we have a pandemic. Okay, but anyway, back to the story.

I just Had to think of what did it not affect? 

It didn’t stop the grass from growing.

The grass is still growing.

So, I bought a John Deere lawn tractor D140 from a friend of mine several years back and that’s that’s what I used to mow “Hi Grass” with.

We also purchased a Craftsman push mower before we moved from Crowley.

’So, I’ve got the John Deere tractor; I’ve got to push mower; and I picked up a Echo weed eater from Home Depot. I need to get a blower. I’m going to get a blower today before the day is over. At least that’s my goal. I Found a commercial lawn equipment business off of Camp Bowie in West Fort Worth yesterday, and then I know of one there in Burleson.

I need to stop in and see what they have to offer.

But, if I’m getting into commercial lawn care equipment, I Want to focus on who’s got the best service department. Cuz I want to be able to drop it off and get it serviced.

Anyway,  this morning I turned my Lyft App on just before 4:00 O’clock  and sure enough, within just a few minutes I got a hit.

The first hit was three kids, or not so much kids, but three young adults in South Fort Worth.

They are involved with some type of gambling deal. Kind of works like a ”rave party”.

If you’re familiar with the party, they spring up all of a sudden. Like everybody in this group gets an email or text.

“Hey, there’s a party at such-and-such address”.

They all go to this party as you know, whatever.

Anyway. That’s the same kind of deal with this gambling thing. a gambling rave deal.

I picked These three up in the South part of Fort Worth, and they had to go to the bank, Wells Fargo, ATM to gert money out. Then I took them to this location where the Casino / party was supposed to be and just so happens. They were too late or it didn’t happen. So, I took them to the ”Jack in the Box”, which is across the street on Alta Mesa and dumped them out there.

My next Hit was a good one, from a guy at a hotel over close to Bryant Irvin and Interstate 20. \

He was with the PGA. He helps out with the Wi-Fi on the PGA circuit and works with fiber optics and everything.

He told me they had set up the service for the Colonial which is coming up next week. He was on his way to South Dakota.

Originally from Georgia and goes around ahead of the tour doing his work.

He was my first ride that got me out from the Fort Worth area. From the hotel in the Benbrook area to DFW Airport, Delta/ Terminal “E”.

This was a trip that bought my tank of gas for the day.

Just after I dropped him off, I got another ping.

My next ride was right there at Terminal “E”, just a couple of gates down. I picked up a guy on his way to Alaska, flying Alaska Airlines Out of Love Field.


I took him from DFW terminal E to Love Field and dropped him off.

That right there was enough to buy another tank of gas.

So I got tomorrow covered if I choose to drive.

Before I got out of the terminal I got a ping from a lady at a hotel off Empire Central and Stemmons and brought her around to Love Field.

My next ping was from a lady that worked at a club. One of the 5: 0’Clock clubs, and if you’re not familiar with that, you had to ask me personally & I’ll explain it.

That ride took me to downtown Dallas to a hotel off of Main Street.

My next ping was from a lady at the bus station off Lamar, In Downtown Dallas. Her ride took me to the UTA part of Arlington.

I got three and a half weeks into driving for Uber and I realized; “this is going to be pretty big if I apply myself”, and I t,aded my Ford Fiesta in for a S60 Volvo. I did the first three years of burning up the roads of DFW with a black S60.

I had a blast, along with doing a few sheet metal projects a long the way,

But remember; Rideshare is a side hustle (“How To Increase Your Income”) and Lawn Care, or just mowing  lawns is going to turn into a good side hustle too.

Now that we have a website up and going, we plan to share often. That’s where we will keep all the latest information, but you can still call if you choose, Call or text 817-522-3424.

Just remember, I’m a small operation right now, and if I’m on a tractor, I’m not going to hear the phone ring. So please leave a message and I’ll get back with you. You can go to that website and you can start the conversation there by going to our contact page and filling out that form. That goes straight to my email. So I’ll wait to hear from you.

Check back often and I’ll share other ways of “How To Increase Your Income”!

Have a blessed day.

Mowing “Hi Grass” with a “John Deere”

We are becoming known around the Dallas / Fort Worth area as the ”One To Call” when your grass has gotten out of hand.

Most of the time it seems as the explosion of Investors moving into the area just have so much money to through around that they buy property on speculation knowing it will increase in value over time.

Such is the case with our last lawn that we mowed in Arlington, Texas Thursday morning with our John Deere D140 Lawn Tractor.

This property had a Notice sign posted, and we were able to contact the owner before a Citation was sent, saving a charge of $200 plus.

I call a project like this a rescue.

Please contact us before your property gets into this shape

Now we have updated our attack on High-Grass

Saturday’s great learning curve

last Saturday started just like most of my days start; early!

I have been getting up early ever since my tour in the Army. I also learned while at TCJC (Tarrant County Junior College) that I am most awake early in the morning.

Yes, I’m wired just a little different than most people, but I have learned to take advantage of it.

Once the sun started lighting up the morning, I got in my truck and headed for Arlington. I had a yard to mow that I was contacted about last week that came from one of my Code Violation (CoVi) Yellow Letters.

I had been driving for Lyft the Saturday prior and got to a point in the middle of the day that reminds me that I have to take a break.

I started looking for yards that had “High Grass” and possible Code Violation. That makes #2 of my yards that I mow on a Bi-weekly.

One of the problems I soon discovered once I arrived on sight was, I used online maps and pictures to give my bid; “I can do our yard for $30”. As I was mowing I was continually telling myself this was an easy $50 front yard. But I pushed on.

Leaves were extremely heavy in the driveway, that was also broken up from the tree roots.

After two hours I finally gave in and decided I was going to have to come back to complete.

I’m still not sure if I will ever get paid for the time I have invested, but plan to stop by one afternoon this week to complete the edging, and cleanup the drive.

I did make it to the livestock auction in Cleburne and watched the Goats and Sheep sell. I bid on a few, but didn’t have a trailer or the funds to be competitive. That helped me make a decision to get back to my Rideshare business and create some “Mad-Money”.

My First Nanny Round 2

I spent the rest of Saturday driving for Lyft, and I spent most of the day Sunday driving. And when we completed our project at the GM Plant at noon today, I spent a few hours driving today.

We didn’t get layed-off today, but we will be spending the rest of the week at the shop in Ana, close to 100 miles from Joshua. I won’t be Ride-sharing on the way there in the morning, but I will be on the way home.

Our Community

Our Community that we service is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth part of Texas.
We plan to stay local until we have become saturated in the Tarrant and Johnson county area
With that being said, we will not count out future customers in the Parker, Ellis, Dallas, and Denton county parts of Texas.