Little-known SECRET Exposed: Award-winning Flowers Possible!

Lawn Service Consumer Guide

Have you ever seen the picture-perfect flowers at high-end apartment buildings and upscale commercial offices and wondered why yours don’t look as good?  

“I Don’t Understand…?”

Mary Jane stops by Home Depot, searches the store for the right color flower. She finds them in the last aisle, with bright purple petals that would be the perfect accent for her front yard. Mary purchases four flats (about 72 flowers), and hurries them home.

The next morning, small shovel in hand, Mary carefully and painstakingly plants the flowers, one by one, in perfect rows. One hour later, delighted with the result, Mary carefully waters her creation. Proud. Pleased. Her neighbors will be envious.

But as the weeks pass, her carefully planted joy turns to frustration.  Mary complains to her husband, “I don’t understand why these darn things won’t grow! Half of them look dead already!”

Have you ever felt this way about your flowers? Why do some high-end properties have such beautiful flowers while yours struggle?

9 Essential Steps to Flower Perfection

Flowers are more involved than most lawn care operators would have you believe. Few bother to follow the correct formula, but the results are worth it. This is the step-by-step procedure for healthy, great-looking flowers:

1) Identify previous disease that might have contaminated the soil (Pansies and Vinca are susceptible to soil-borne water mold fungus). 2) Remove previous flowers. 3) If a fungus is present or soil has not been recently changed; replace the soil. 4) Till soil and mix in soil amendments as appropriate. 5) Apply a high-quality fertilizer formulated for flowers directly to the bed and rake evenly. 6) Install the new flowers. 7) Wait one month, apply a water-soluble fertilizer to the flowers. 8) Add fertilizer once every 3-4 weeks during the growing period. 9) Remove dead flowers or bulbs as necessary to promote health. Proper watering is imperative. Consult a lawn care professional for advice. Instead of a water-soluble fertilizer you may use a granular product, but watch out! Granular fertilizers, though easier to apply and longer lasting, can easily burn the flower. Flowers

should be fertilized with a high-phosphorus fertilizer before they bloom.

“Neighbors Will Be Envious”

According to Andy Ward of Sun Power Lawn Care, “beautiful flowers require the homeowner and the lawn care company work together. The lawn care company must take the appropriate steps to install the flowers and the homeowner must follow watering guidelines and keep the flowers well fertilized.” If both parties do their job, Andy says “neighbors will be envious… they will wonder why you effortlessly have beautiful flowers while they struggle.”

One of the fastest-growing and most-respected full-service lawn companies in GNV, Sun Power Lawn Care, is currently offering clients an opportunity to enjoy professionally installed flowers at a special rate. This requires advanced sign ups, since Sun Power Lawn Care only offers flower installation four times per year. Sun Power Lawn Care can be reached at (352) 514-5890. They offer January, April, July, and October installs by appointment only. Place your name on the list before the 2020 schedule is full.

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Gainesville – The Amazing Secret Behind the Most Beautiful Lawns!

Lawn Service Consumer Guide

Would you like to do something for your lawn that will significantly improve its health and beauty? Need to choke out weeds? Would you like to green up the lawn fast?

Core Aeration is the Answer.

The best lawns all share a secret: they are aerated annually. Aeration is not the sole factor in greening up a lawn. However, a balanced program of fertilization and weed control, proper watering practices and aeration will have a significant impact on your lawn.

The Secret … Exposed!

These are the five steps that will change the look and health of your lawn:

First, you must pre-emerge the lawn multiple times between early December and late April. Most weeds germinate during spring and fall. Pre-emergent will help prevent germination of new weeds.

Second, apply a post-emergent. A post-emergent is an herbicide that attacks existing weeds. It is best to spend the extra effort to spot-treat the individual weeds rather than spray the entire lawn.  Between now and May you want to attack any existing weeds.

Step three: core aeration. Your lawn needs water, oxygen and nutrients. Due to dry weather, foot traffic, and extreme temperatures, the roots and surface layer of your lawn will compact over time. Aeration loosens up compacted soil and allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the root system. Doing so improves the life, health and fertility of the lawn. This will also help prevent the lawn from dying in extremely high and low temperatures.

Step four: fertilize. Correctly fertilizing your lawn will keep the grass thick. Only use a slow-release fertilizer; this ensures that minerals and nutrients are released over a period of time. This process improves growth, thickness, health and color.

Step five: lawn renovation. If your lawn is stressed and has suffered damage, you might consider applying organic, enriched compost. This will build up the health of your lawn so Nature’s microbes and earthworms can do their job. This additional top layer of organic soil will retain moisture and permit better absorption of rain and irrigation water. Do not assume fertilization is enough. Grass needs to be revitalized every few years.

Recommended Solution

Mow the lawn long, frequently. Aerate and fertilize at least once a year. Apply plenty of water. For those who enjoy yard work, many local do-it-yourself stores rent aeration equipment for approximately $85 per day, plus a small rental fee for a small trailer. The time and money spent will be worth it.

Until March 31st at 5:00pm, one of the fastest-growing and most-respected full-service lawn companies in GNV, Sun Power Lawn Care is offering clients the Spring Aeration service for $109 (average sized lawns). This investment represents a significant $20.00 savings off the regular rate.  This important service will only be performed during the month of April and requires a pre-confirmed appointment.

Appointments will only be accepted until March 31th. For those who miss this opportunity, an October appointment may be offered. Call Sun Power Lawn Care at (352) 507-5296 or email and request your spring Aeration. For a healthier lawn, call today.

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How to Make Sure Your Lawn Survives the Summer Temperatures?

Essential Lawn Care Tips for Summer

Many of the clients of Complete Lawncare & Tree Service ask us how they can help their garden survive the scorching heat in the summer. So we decided to write this brief but informative blog on a few essential lawn care tips.

Lawn Care

Water every morning and do not overdo it

Your lawn will need water in order to survive in any temperate. This is especially true in the hot summer months. When watering on warm days, you should always water early in the morning; this will give your grass time to soak up the water before the sun peeks out and evaporates it.

Watering deeply and infrequently is beneficial for longer grass, as it will help to promote root growth. When you water deeply, it reaches the entire root zone, which in turn leads to more effective absorption. There is no need to water your grass daily, as overwatering can actually cause more harm than good.

Mow High

Keeping your grass slightly longer in the hot season will help, as it allows the roots to extend deeper. When your lawn has deep roots, weeds are unable to grow as easily. Longer grass will also allow for better water absorption and allow the grass to go even deeper to get water on hot days. Longer grass will also provide shade to the blades below. While the recommended length varies, a good rule of thumb is from 3-4 inches. To maintain your lawn at this height, make sure you set your mower high, and never remove more than ⅓ of the grass height at one time.

And Don’t Mow During Drought

If you want to keep your grass healthy, never mow during a drought. This is because the grass is stressed, which means the blades are less likely to recover and are too damaged from mowing.

To conclude this lawn care blog, if you live in the El Paso, TX area and need help with your lawn, call us first at this number (915) 201-2912 today.

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Four Common Mistakes When Cutting Down a Tree

Tree Removal Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do

Just like humans, trees die too. But when they do, it can be a safety hazard. It needs to be safely taken down by a team of well-versed professionals. But if you insist on cutting down the hazardous tree in your yard since you got the time anyway, here are the common tree removal mistakes that you should keep in mind and never do:

Underestimating the Job

First, you should never underestimate the job. Watching DIY videos on how to take down a tree even for hours will not make you an expert in the job. Even professionals who have dedicated the many years of their life in handling tree removal jobs can find cutting down a hazardous tree challenging. Professional arborists take years to master the techniques to ensure safe and efficient tree services.

Taking Safety Risks Lightly

Just like construction workers, professional tree contractors also need to arm themselves with safety gear when doing the tree removal job. Arborists have special equipment in order to ensure safe tree services. Professionals make an effort to prevent all kinds of accidents that can possibly occur. When cutting down a tree all on your own, you should at least wear a hard hat, a pair of safety shoes, goggles, and a pair of gloves.

Opting for Improper Tools

Are there tools available in your house with arms reach? It can be tempting to just use that. But whether it is a young small tree that needs to be taken down, it’s essential that you only use the right tools for the job.

Leaving a Stump

Lastly, you should never leave a stump. No, it’s not an option. It needs to be crushed to prevent pest infestation.

For the assurance of safe and efficient tree service, leave the job to expert professionals. You might want to consider hiring Complete Lawncare & Tree Service. We offer high-quality and budget-friendly tree services in the El Paso, TX area. For inquiries, just call (915) 201-2912!

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Proper Lawn Maintenance Is the Key

Lawn Care Routines to Follow

Knowing how to properly maintain the health of the lawn is the key to a stunning landscape and an increased property value. As long as you know how to take good care of your lawn, you are well on your way to have a beautiful home. But if you don’t follow proper lawn care routines, you may encounter issues. If you don’t know the right techniques, the following are proper lawn care routines that you should definitely follow:


When watering the lawn, you have to make sure that you take the weather and climate into consideration. It would be counterproductive to water the lawn daily if your area gets a lot of rain. Moreover, you should consider watering when the sun isn’t up yet so that the water won’t evaporate before the roots get enough water that it needs.


If you are mowing the lawn with a lawnmower, make sure that you adjust the machine to only cut a bit of the grass. If you cut too short, the sunlight will be able to reach the soil and cause weeds to grow. Keep the grass at an appropriate height so that it won’t happen. Also, make sure that mow in both directions so that the grass will have uniform growth.

Fertilizing or Mulching

This step is often skipped by people if they don’t see any problems with their lawn. However, you never really know unless you check the quality of the soil. The brown patch that you ignored might be caused by that and it will spread. Consider adding fertilizer or mulch to improve the quality of the soil.

These are just some tips on how to better improve the way you maintain your lawn. But if you still need professional assistance, you can book lawn care services from Complete Lawncare & Tree Service. We utilize effective and efficient methods to maintain the health of the lawn on your property in El Paso, TX.

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Drip, Seep, Live

How You and Your Plants Benefit From a Professional Lawn Irrigation System

Yes, water is vital to plant health. We all know that watering by hand is such an inconvenience – dragging hoses between gardens, moving sprinkles around, or taking the time to water each plant. An innovative lawn irrigation system takes the struggle out of watering. It’s the easiest way to give plants the consistent moisture it needs for a big harvest and beautiful blooms.

Did you know that watering by hand 50% of water is wasted along with runoff or evaporation? A lawn irrigation system offers multiple benefits to reduce your water supply usages ergo conserving resources at the same time reducing your costs. Learn how to reduce your water output and get the most out of your lawn:

Saves You Time, Energy, Water

The sprinkler and drip irrigation systems can both be set to daily – weekly watering at specified hours during day or night. Automatically, the system will shut the water off when the irrigation process is accomplished. Having an automated system to distribute your water supply can make your life easier by not having to be physically present for the effectivity of the water system. It’ll keep your water usage to a minimum, and lower your costs since less water is used.

Lessens Weed Growth

You can limit your potential weed growth by an irrigation system specifically designed for your landscape and installing it in areas that only need water to receive it. A particularly efficient type is the drip irrigation system – directing water specifically to each plant’s roots than sprinkling over the entire garden.

Plant Growth Improvement

By installing an irrigation system, it’ll significantly improve your plant growth. Irrigation systems are exactly designed to water plants with smaller amounts over a longer period, making plants grow faster and greener.

From installing a professional lawn irrigation system to ensuring that your lawn is fully maintained, Complete Lawncare & Tree Service are the landscapers that you need. In El Paso, TX, we can tend to your outdoor project and ensure that it’s done right. For more information about our company and other landscaping services, give us a call at (915) 201-2912 today to schedule a booking and get a free estimate!

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Some Signs That Trees Need to Be Removed

When to Call a Tree Removal Experts?

Pests, weather elements, and harsh conditions are some of the reasons why trees experience a problem and other issues. That’s why regular maintenance and proper inspection are extremely important for your trees to keep them healthy. But sometimes trees may experience a severe problem and cause a threat to other trees or plants. Trees with this kind of situation are advised to be cut or removed right away before they can cause harm to you and other people. Call the tree removal service of the professionals and let them handle the work effectively. Read on to know when to call for their service.

If the Tree is Too Near Your House

When you have trees that are too near your house, this dangerous to you and your property. During a severe rainstorm, the tree and its branches may break and fall on the roof and will cause damage. That’s why it is not good to plant trees near your home and build a house near a large tree because a tree’s root can create cracks on your driveway, concrete or tile flooring.

If There are Fallen Trees

Fallen trees happen during or after a harsh condition. Perhaps, they are blocking your driveway and walkway, settling on your house’s roof and vehicle. This kind of situation is annoying and unsightly, you must have them removed right away. Call the experts for a safe and convenient tree removal procedure.

If the Tree is Dying or Diseased

An average person cannot differentiate a dying tree from diseased one. To check your tree’s exact condition, you must hire tree experts because they are expected to perform a thorough inspection. Usually, when a tree diseased, they perform treatments and observations. However, if a tree is too sick to be cured, removal is the right option.

Are you looking for a professional tree removal service provider in El Paso, TX? If so, get in touch with Complete Lawncare & Tree Service. For inquiries, call us at (915) 201-2912 today.

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Trust Expert Landscapers to Take Care of Your Lawn

Why Hire Professional Lawn Care Service?

The largest landscape feature is the lawn area, that’s why regular care and maintenance is needed to keep the yard in top shape and condition. Taking care of a lawn is not an easy job. This takes more time and effort. Property owners who have a hectic schedule won’t be able to take care of their lawn regularly. For quicker and more effective maintenance, it would be better if you hire a professional lawn care service provider. Read on to know what to expect from employing professional landscapers.

Consistency of the Work

The lawn occupies half of your landscape, so it should receive frequent maintenance to keep it beautiful and attractive. To achieve that, you must schedule professional lawn care service because you can be assured that they set a proper schedule. Pros are knowledgeable when it comes to the right time to mow and fertilize your lawn.

Quality Service

Watering, mowing, and fertilizing are some of the maintenance that your lawn needs. The lawn maintenance must be done correctly and effectively to prevent causing damage and ruining the entire yard. Trusting professionals to take care of your lawn is the best option because they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge. They know effective methods and techniques to produce a quality result.

Proper Tools and Equipment

When you employ pros, you won’t need to buy tools and equipment for lawn maintenance because they‘ve got the materials. Pros ensure that the materials they use are functional and effective; as such, you will have peace of mind knowing your yard is properly taken care of every day. Moreover, you will able to save money in the long run because everything is done smoothly.

Are you looking for a professional lawn care service in El Paso, TX? If so, getting in touch with our reputable and experienced landscapers here at Complete Lawncare & Tree Service is the right choice. Do not hesitate to contact us at (915) 201-2912 for reservations and inquiries.

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Why It’s Best to Let Professionals Handle Your Lawn Care Needs

Obtain a Reliable Residential Lawn Care Service Now

Keeping and maintaining a well-managed lawn for your home or property is one of the most relevant things you need to consider at all times if you want to have one of the most exceptional lawns in the area. But of course, you have other important things to think about like work and other errands around the house, that’s why you no longer have enough time to work on your lawn alone. If you want to be productive elsewhere while still having a healthy lawn, then you should consider contacting professionals who will be able to provide you with reliable residential lawn care assistance.

But if you still want to do all the work on your own, then you need to set this notion aside once and for all and make sure you get the right professionals. Here’s why choosing to hire professionals will make your life easier:

Great Lawn Work

Professionals are capable of providing your lawn with excellent work because they have done it a couple of times before. To ensure that your lawn is handled and managed well, you need to consider hiring experienced professionals. You will have one of the finest lawns in no time if you hire experts.

More Convenient

Choosing to hire professionals will definitely give you more time and energy to work on other significant things like work and other home errands. Once you decide to hire the experts, you will no longer have to stress yourself about having too much work to do. Get a residential lawn care service now.


Handling lawn work can be very dangerous. That’s why you need the assistance of reliable professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable enough for the job. You can finally avoid getting anyone or yourself injured if you choose to hire professionals. Get in touch with your ideal experts today.

A residential lawn care service from Complete Lawncare & Tree Service is just what you need for your lawn. Obtain our exceptional services in El Paso, TX to have your lawn managed well. Just call (915) 201-2912.

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How to Save Money in Your Landscaping Project

Cheap Lawn Care Tips and Ideas

Get an increase in your property value by installing a landscape structure in your outdoor area. Aside from improving your home’s curb appeal, landscaping also improves air quality especially when growing trees around your home. Your desire to install lavish landscapes does not always come at a great cost. You can opt for a more innovative yet cheaper ways. Below are residential lawn care tips and ideas that you should know.

Use organic mulch around your trees

Mulching is a highly effective way to prevent the soil from drying up, thus, helping your growing trees survive during the hot season. It also lessens weed growth around which competes for nutrients with your garden plants. Use organic materials like wood, paper, straw, and leaves mulch.

Create simple rock formations

Add some attractions around your garden by forming small rocks around your individual plants. You can look up on the Internet and in magazines for rock designs and formations. Start collecting similarly sized rocks with complementary colors and see how beautifully it will blend in your little garden.

Put on garden paths

Pathways actually add beauty and order to your outdoor area. Plus this also helps protect your plants from getting stepped on and destroyed. You can make either wood or concrete pathways. Remember to power wash pathways in case of heavy use.

Opt for a turf installation

Before anything else, do the basics of landscaping and do a turf installation in your outdoor area. In case you don’t know how to properly install one, you can always ask for the help of professionals.

Do you need professional assistance from a landscaping company? We highly recommend the service that our professionals from Complete Lawncare & Tree Service can offer you. Based in El Paso, TX, we can always provide you with efficient and timely lawn care services every time. For more inquiries, you may give us a call at (915) 201-2912. Contact us now!

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