Taken Advantage Of Today

Taken Advantage Of Today

Yes, I was taken advantage of today by a kid that saw straight through my week was.
My day began with me hooking my pickup to my enclosed trailer , loaded with my lawn mowing equipment ( John Deere Lawn tractor, Toro push mower, string weed eater, hedge trimmer, gas edged, Bisquit powered leaf rake, and blower).
I got a lead in Burleson from the app I have that letโ€™s me take a photo of a lawn that needs mowed and make a post card with my information on it to let them know I mow in the area.
I got another lead yesterday from HomeAdvisor that was located in Godley.
This one is located in one of the new housing additions that have 1 acre lots. I like the 1 + acre lots, and feel that is my sweet spot.
When I got back home, my flatbed gooseneck trailer project was looking at me. I have been poking at it for a while (too long).
I picked up the bolts for the leaf ๐Ÿƒ springs the other day, and got the axel out of my 20โ€™ storage container yesterday, so I got that part together and now I needed โ€œUโ€ bolts. At 100 degrees, I had no problem getting in my car ๐Ÿš— to head for a wrecking yard.
Thinking that would be a good idea, and itโ€™s been a while since Iโ€™ve visited that part of town and that environment.
When did this happen?
I feel like my old world is disappearing, and no one lets me know.
And everywhere I go, they wonโ€™t me to wear a mask. BLAH ๐Ÿ˜•
Orylies – no go
Tractor Supply N. Burleson – no go
Tractor Supply S. Burleson – no go
Advanced Automotive by Dunkin Donut ๐Ÿฉ/Baskin Robins had a raise/lower kit that will work. Iโ€™ll have to cut the excess off, but I have a saw-z-all that can handle it.
When I left the automotive shop is where everything went terribly wrong.
I thought since I was close to Dunkin Donut, one little Coffee Cake Muffin wouldnโ€™t hurt ๐Ÿ˜ข anything. But they knew exactly how to key ๐Ÿ”‘ in on my weakness and take advantage of me by putting the Baskin Robins ice cream just inside the door.
I just pointed to the 2 dip cup after fixing my eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ on the World ๐ŸŒ Class Chocolate , but the kid behind the counter knew I was told n a weakness state, and started telling me how that was a miss conception and only looked like it would be enough.
Then he went straight for my juggler and started telling me how the piant size is filled to the top and they put sh the ice cream in and fill it completely.
Now is the best time to let you know that I really won that battle, being in my most weakest state of mind; he could have sold me a gallon, but settled for the piant.
Even though the lobby was closed, I sat down and ate every spoonful like any champion would do.
Now after meeting CINDY for dinner at the iHop, I have to go put these โ€œUโ€ bolts on.
One step closer to completing the project.
I think the spare tire for my enclosed trailer will fit this axel, so just one more will take care of that part.
Then wiring the lights, and RE-decking and my tractor ๐Ÿšœ is one of the tools ๐Ÿ›  to put to work.
Mowing lawns, lots, and pastures is the foundation of CoVi Land Services, and the tractor with attachments will open some new doors ๐Ÿšช.

China Mail

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Warns of Unsolicited Seeds From China

Photo courtesy of Twitter

AUSTINย (WBAP/KLIF News) โ€“ Texas residents are among Americans being warned about packages of mysterious, unsolicited seeds from China.

The packages are falsely labeled as jewelry.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller advised residents not to plant the seeds as they could contain harmful invasive species or be otherwise unsafe.

โ€œI am urging folks to take this matter seriously,โ€ Commissioner Miller said. โ€œAn invasive plant species might not sound threatening, but these small invaders could destroy Texas agriculture.โ€

Miller said the TDA has joined forces with the USDA to analyze the seeds.

Anyone who receives them is urged to place them in a sealed container and report the incident to SITC.Mail@aphis.usda.gov.

Residents in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and Washington have also reported receiving the seeds.

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Best Types of Grass for your Gainesville Lawn

Not all grass is created equal. Establishing a lush, green yard that will make your home or business stand out starts with choosing the right variety of grass. Living in Florida, it’s important to pick a grass that can thrive in the hot, humid summers. Here are four of the best types of grass for your Gainesville Lawn.

St. Augustine grass

St. Augustine grass is most common in the Southern United States and is the most popular type of grass used in Florida. In fact, researchers believe that it’s native to the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico. This variety thrives in subtropical (hot and humid) climates.

It grows best in full sunlight but is also more tolerant of partial shade than some other warm-season varieties. St. Augustine grass is a favorite for residential and commercial applications for its beautiful green to blue-green color and the thickness of its turf. Seeds can be hard to find, so most St. Augustine grass is planted as sod, sprigs, or plugs. Once planted, it establishes quickly.

St. Augustine grass does require a bit of care. It prefers moist, semi-fertile soil, so irrigation is almost essential during dry summers. It also doesn’t hold up to traffic as well as some other varieties.


Plant St. Augustine grass if you want your property to be the envy of the block. Just be prepared to keep up with some maintenance.

Bahia grassBahiagrass | NC State Extension Publications

If you’re looking for a type of grass that doesn’t require much maintenance, Bahia grass might be the best bet. It loves the sun and forms a deep root system that can reach into the ground and grab up all the moisture it can find. While it doesn’t have the beautiful carpet-like coverage of some other varieties, it can survive in almost any soil—even sand—and is highly drought-resistant. It’s also mostly disease and insect resistant.

Bahia grass can be grown from seed but takes a while to germinate and cover large areas. For a quick establishment, plant it as sod. If left unmowed for too long, Bahia grass will form tall seed heads, which some people find unsightly and can be hard to mow.


Plant Bahia grass in large, sunny, unirrigated lots that don’t see much shade or traffic. It’s best for people who don’t like to keep up with yard maintenance.

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass grows into a thick, green to dark-green turf that can survive in most soil types and is decently drought-resistant. Although it won’t die, Bermuda grass will enter a state of dormancy and turn brown during extended dry periods, which can be unsightly. It’s also very tolerant of high-traffic areas, which makes it one of the most popular types of grass for sports fields and golf courses. It prefers to grow in sunny areas.

Bermuda grass establishes quickly and can outgrow most weeds. If left unchecked, it can invade nearby flowerbeds. Although you won’t have to weed your lawn as much, Bermuda grass has a low tolerance to insects and disease, which means you’ll have to keep up with some maintenance.


Bermuda grass is ideal for high-traffic yards that get a lot of sun.

Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass has become a popular choice for Florida lawns because of its dense, attractive turf. It can grow in a variety of soil types and has a decent tolerance to shade and traffic. When planted, Zoysia grass has a slow growth rate compared to other types of grass but spreads aggressively and can quickly invade neighboring flowerbeds other yards. Once it has been established, it’s very hard to remove.

While it’s tolerant of shade and traffic, Zoysia grass is susceptible to some insects and diseases. Because of its slow growth rate, it struggles to recover from any damage. If Zoysia grass isn’t properly maintained, it can become unsightly or even die off.


Zoysia grass is a great all-around variety that creates an attractive dark-green turf with decent shade and traffic resistance that will make your property look its best. Just make sure to keep up with the maintenance.

Lawncare Tips from Sun Power Lawn Care

Choosing which type of grass is right for your property can be a difficult task. If you have questions, Sun Power Lawn Care is here to help. We have years of experience working with local Gainesville home and business owners who want to make their properties stand out. We can help you pick the grass that’s best for your property; supply and install the sod of your choice; and provide sustainable, environmentally friendly lawn care services to help you maintain your brand-new yard and become the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us today for a free quote on all your lawn care needs. You can reach us through our email, admin@sunpowerlawncare.com, or call us directly at (352) 507-5296.

Here are some great resources to help your lawn looks its best:

What to Expect When The Lawn Care Team Arrives

Gainesville – The Amazing Secret Behind the Most Beautiful Lawns!

Revealed: Mowing Frequency More Important than Previously Thought

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3 advantages of a lawn care maintenance package

Lawn care maintenance isn’t for everyone. Some people have severe allergies that hinder their ability to enjoy working in their yard. Others would rather spend their time on other activities or simply don’t have a green thumb. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Since 2005, taking care of my clients’ lawns has been my passion! Often, our clients ask us whether they should hire us for one-off jobs or invest in our “pay by the month” maintenance program. So what are the advantages of a monthly lawn care maintenance package?

The 3 advantages of a lawn care maintenance package are that you can save time, save money, and maximize your curb appeal. Let’s unpack those in a bit more detail.

Advantage #1: Save Time

The first and most obvious advantage of a lawn care maintenance package is that it saves you time. In fact, it saves you a great deal of time, improving both your quality of life and amount of free time. 

Do those seem like strong words? Let’s look at a typical work week. Assume that the average employee has a 30-minute commute one way. For a round trip, that’s a solid hour on the road each day. If you’re an hourly employee, you’re at work for at least 8 and a half hours (and more if you have to work overtime). If you’re a salary or commission-based employee, often you’ll end up working well beyond a normal 40 hour workweek.

Now, think about your after-work activities. Do you have kids who are in sports? If so, add in trips to practice and games. Is that same kid, or perhaps another one in your house, also in other clubs such as band, choir, or youth group? 

Think of it this way: if you’re away 9-10 hours per day for work, and another 2-3 for extracurricular activities, most of your day is pretty much gone. Add in dinner and (hopefully) some time for yourself such as the gym, and you barely have time to mow the grass — let alone landscaping!

All of that can lead to a lot of stress because of the responsibility we have to take care of our homes. While you may enjoy yard work, the reality is that our extremely busy routines make it challenging to get it done. Despite this, the job still needs to be completed. So, take the stress off of yourself and get back some of your weekly time with a lawn care maintenance package!

3 advantages of a lawn care maintenance package

Advantage #2: Save Money

Have you ever had a broken-down vehicle and tried to fix it yourself? Without diagnostic tools, it can be extremely challenging to figure out the problem and how to repair it. You may end up spending way more than you need to compared to if you had simply taken it to a body shop.

Now, think about your yard. Do you have weeds you just can’t get rid of? Or is there a stubborn patch of your yard you can’t seem to figure out how to grow? Maybe you even want to improve the look and quality of your grass but don’t know how to make that happen.

Rather than spend time and money on guesswork, a lawn care maintenance package allows the experts to figure out the solution to all of these problems. Plus, since all of the tools and equipment are maintained by your lawn care company, there’s no worry about costs to fix wear and tear.

Advantage #3: Maximize Your Curb Appeal

You may have a general idea of what looks good or a direction you want to go with your landscaping. However, rather than try to figure out how to make it happen, your lawn care company handles it all for you. 

As we’ve mentioned already once before, yard work takes time. You may not have the opportunity to maximize your curb appeal. The image you have in your mind of your perfectly manicured lawn and flowerbeds can become a reality a whole lot quicker, and be easily maintained more effectively when you partner with a company such as ours. 

We have several lawn care maintenance packages for you to choose from!

When we partner with a client, we make certain that they’re on the right plan for their budget. From basic services to our prestige package, we have options to fit almost any checkbook. We would love to help save you time, money, and make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us today for a free quote and let us take your lawn to the next level!

Here are some great resources to help your lawn looks its best:

Customer Care Focused – How Automated Payments Improved Our Business

Gainesville – The Amazing Secret Behind the Most Beautiful Lawns!

Discovered: “74 Pennies a Day” is the Difference Between an Average and an Outstanding Lawn

Time to take some stress out of your life? We’re a lawn care and landscaping service in Gainesville, FL. We are happy to provide a free quote for lawn service and get you on the path to a lush lawn. You can reach us through our email, admin@sunpowerlawncare.com, or call us directly at (352) 507-5296. We look forward to helping or simply answering any questions you have about your lawn.

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What to Expect When The Lawn Care Team Arrives

The lawn is crawling up your legs, the hedges have smothered the house and the weeds are your new perennials. That’s why you have scheduled your first professional lawn service.

But what should you expect? What’s going to get done? What precautions will they take for your property? How long will they be there? Sun Power Lawn Care wants to put you at ease with an insider’s guide to the professional lawn care process.

What to expect upon arrival

Expect your lawn service to park somewhere that’s not impeding driveways or mailboxes. That way they avoid being a hassle to you, your other services, or the neighbors.

Typically, it’s a two-person team arriving. One team member jumps into action, clearing your yard of potential hazards. They will secure hoses, cables, and irrigation equipment in a safe place while scanning the yard for pets and pesky debris.

The other team member brings a friendly smile to your front door to announce their arrival. They will let you know how long they expect to be there, typically 30min to an hour, and they will ask if there is anything they can do to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

This is a good time to express any of your lawn service concerns or any precautions the team should take.

A True Professional’s Process

Russellville Lawn And Landscaping (rsvllawn1) on Pinterest


Expect most teams to tackle that knee grabbing grass first. As experts, they know exactly what kind of grass is gracing your yard and how best to take care of it. They set their lawnmowers to the UF/IFAS recommended height and start mowing your grass according to Green Industries Best Management Practices to get the lush green results we all want.

Edging/Weed eating

Once the grass is no longer a jungle, the team can start touching up roads, patios, and flower beds. These areas are neatly edged leaving your yard well defined.

Nothing escapes their well-trained eyes either. Tall grasses and weeds hiding around trampolines, shrub beds, or fences get wrangled as well. Weed eating around trees can be tricky, but a good team takes every precaution to avoid harming the bark which could potentially lead to the death of the tree.


The aftermath of mowing, edging, and weed eating is now evident all over the yard. That means it’s time to break out the blower. Common crevices that clog with grass clippings are cleared out. Grasses are blown away from the house and garage so that they do not get under doorways.

Professionals know to blow away from drains because this practice is harmful as grass clippings add nitrogen to the waterways increasing algae blooms. However, due to the nitrogen, grass clippings are an excellent fertilizer, so all the debris is blown back onto the lawn to help your grass grow.

Grass clippings must be evenly distributed so there is no matting. Clumps of grass matting together will block sunlight from reaching your lawn which can kill anything beneath it. Frequent mowing is an easy way to prevent this. We’ve written an article to explain the benefits of regular mowing.

hedge trimming gainesville flPruning and Hedge Cutting

Now the team can move on to those hedges smothering your house. Fully equipped with pre-sharpened long and short hedge cutters, your unruly shrubs are smoothed out. Viburnum, Loropetalum, Holly, and Boxwood are hedges that regularly require cutting to keep their elegant shape.

Regular trimming gets the shrub foliage to thicken which fills in those unsightly spaces. The team will place trimmings in garbage bags and set them out by the road for city pick up. Most lawn companies will happily take trimmings with them per your request.


The finishing touch for a professional lawn service is putting your shrub beds in the spotlight. Weeding serves weeds an eviction notice, so your desired plants no longer have to compete for water, sunlight, or nutrients. Weeding is the perfect time for the team to scan for vines that grow against the house and damage the paint or grow through your gutters.

Vines growing through your shrubs block out light and cause your shrubs to get thinner or even die out. They disrupt the beauty of your trees and make it easier for the wind to break their branches. They may even cause trees to fall. The team will be sure to remove all vines and weeds from shrub beds, the house, and trees.

Upon Completion

Both team members start looking for what might have been missed. A tour of the property lets them look at the lawn, check the gates, and blow off any out of place debris.

One team member places the lawn companies’ service card on your door once your property is neat and tidy. This card documents what was done, when it was done, and who did it in case you need a record or want to know who to personally thank for the great job.

The level of consideration taken for every aspect of your lawn defines a great lawn service. When you step back to survey your yard, you should rejoice in the level of detail and precision.

Here are some great resources to help your lawn looks its best:

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Want to know more about the professional lawn care process? We’re a lawn care and landscaping service in Gainesville, FL. We are happy to provide a free quote for lawn service and get you on the path to a lush lawn. You can reach us through our email, admin@sunpowerlawncare.com, or call us directly at (352) 507-5296. We look forward to helping or simply answering any questions you have about your lawn.

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Who Are The Best Gainesville Lawn And Landscaping Companies? (Reviews/Ratings)

Each year, our Sun Power Lawn Care team performs lawn and landscape maintenance visits to hundreds of households in the Gainesville area. Many of our clients know our thoughts and feelings towards lawn and landscaping (through this website) so often we are asked about our competition. We get questions about what other lawn care companies are in the area and the services they offer.

When it comes to answering these questions, we are never afraid of open honesty. We want our customers to be fully informed about their options. Our team knows competition creates a better industry by encouraging businesses to improve innovation, efficiency, and customer service. Therefore, we want to recognize the Gainesville lawn care companies that are keeping us at our best.

Here are four companies that have made a difference in the lawn care industry.

The Master’s Lawn Care

This team has been serving Gainesville, Alachua, and Newberry since 2004. Their Gainesville and Alachua services include all the usual lawn care needs like mulch, mowing, and fertilization. They also offer a wide variety of other services such as lighting, pest control, and tree maintenance.

Skyfrog Landscape

Established in 2009, this Gainesville company is unique for its staff who are mostly graduates of the University of Florida. Their services include landscape maintenance and landscape installation and design. They also provide irrigation and chemical services.

Gainesville Lawnscaping

They set themselves apart from most lawn companies with a unique niche for hardscaping. They focus on driveways, walkways, and patios. Their services extend to Jonesville, Newberry, and Alachua as well as High Springs.

352 Landscapes

Serving Gainesville and Alachua since 2014, 352 Landscapes specializes specifically in lawn and landscape maintenance. This one-man show offers personalized mowing, weed eating, and edging.

There you have it, four businesses worthy of consideration if you are gathering quotes for your Gainesville, Florida lawn and landscaping needs.

Here are some resources to help your lawn look its best:

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Gainesville – The Amazing Secret Behind the Most Beautiful Lawns!

Revealed: Mowing Frequency More Important than Previously Thought

Looking for lawn care quotes? We’re a lawn care and landscaping service in Gainesville, FL. We are happy to provide a free quote for lawn service and get you on the path to a lush lawn. You can reach us through our email, admin@sunpowerlawncare.com, or call us directly at (352) 507-5296. We looking forward to helping or simply answering any questions you have about your lawn.

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Revealed: Mowing Frequency More Important than Previously Thought

Lawn Service Consumer Guide

Many savvy homeowners are financially conscious of their monthly spending.  This is especially true for services such as lawn care.  However, lawn and garden experts believe making a decision about mowing frequency based solely on short-term cost is a costly mistake.

Weekly Lawn Mowing More Important Than Originally Thought

There is one thing that all the best lawns have in common: they are mowed weekly.

Does this mean that weekly mowing is a must?  Maybe not, but several Gainesville Lawn and Garden experts agree that frequent mowing is the key to a lawn’s health, beauty and ability to resist disease, insects, and weeds.

See Why Experts Agree

According to Howard Garrett, a.k.a. The Dirt Doctor, “Research found that when no more than one-third of the leaf system is removed at one cutting, the negative effect on root and stem growth is minimal. The cutting height has an effect on root size. There is a direct relationship between cutting height and the total volume of the root system.” In other words, cutting off too much grass at one time has a

negative effect on the root system.

Did you know: a lawn with a deeper root system requires less water to maintain. This deeper root system also contributes to the lawn’s thickness and greenness. A weak lawn is susceptible to insects and disease. A deep root system can be achieved through proper watering procedures and more frequent mowing. During the growing season, irrigated turf grows too fast to cut off only one-third of the grass when mowing every other week.

Neil Sperry, host of a national gardening radio show, takes the same position as Howard Garrett. He believes “one must be careful not to take off more than a third of the leaf blade at one mowing, which may mean more frequent mowing.”

The Overlooked Benefit, Potentially Worth Thousands to Homeowners

Homeowners are encouraged to consider an additional, potentially very valuable benefit of frequent mowing. The key to a healthy, beautiful lawn is a combination of proper watering, fertilization, weed control, and weekly mowing from April to September. The appearance of the lawn has a cost most do not consider: the resale value of one’s home.

The Home is currently the single largest investment most Americans own. In a tight real estate market, it becomes more important than ever to have an attractive lawn. It may be the difference between not selling or selling – and getting the best possible price. A neglected lawn cannot be revived overnight without spending thousands. For homeowners, a little prevention is money in the bank.

Weekly Mowing Costs Less Than Most Realize

For the majority of homeowners in GNV, weekly mowing is only about $324 more per year than every-other-week mowing. This is barely 89 cents per day. However, the results are impressive: better resale, a more attractive lawn, less grass debris to stir up allergies, delayed thinning of turf, weeds and harmful insect deterrent, and more.

One of the fastest growing and most respected full-service lawn companies in GNV, Sun Power Lawn Care, is currently offering existing clients an opportunity to upgrade their service and save money.  Sun Power Lawn Care can be reached at (352) 514-5890. Do Not Delay.  For a very small investment, the benefits are significant.

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Customer Care Focused โ€“ How Automated Payments Improved Our Business

          Nothing is more frustrating for a business or its customers than fighting the payment process. By offering automated payments, such as online or debit/credit card transactions, your business eliminates the hassle of mailing invoices, waiting for payment and sometimes never receiving payment. Our team, here at Sun Power Lawn Care, wants to share the wonders and rewards of using a safe, legal, and convenient payment process. Let’s put your focus back on customer care and innovation

 Customer Care in Automated Payments

       Your customers want the job done right and they want it done fast. Payment included. When you make the move to online and automatic payments, you legitimize your business. Customers trust a business that is up to date on technology. Not only that, but clients feel like your business is helping them focus on the important things in life. Here are some ways that our clients benefit from automated payments.

  1. Convenience – Our clients no longer have to spend time going over the paper invoices, writing checks, or mailing them. They can just set up their online account, click “reoccurring payment,” and know we will take care of the rest. If the payment isn’t reoccurring, they have their bank info on file for a quick payment whenever it’s needed.
  2. A quick way to communicate – Our customers enjoy personalized accounts that keep them informed of their bill and any changes. It also makes it easy to put client information, such as prior purchases and contact info, just a few clicks away.
  3. No Late Fees or penalties – Late payments seriously affect cash flow which hurts the business’s ability to operate. That means, as a business, you must motivate clients, with late fees or penalties, to pay on time. With automated payments, we found our customer relations improved because late fees were a thing of the past.
  4. Environmental savings – Without paper invoices or envelopes, our customers can feel good about helping the environment. Hundreds of trees take a hit on old billing ways every day. There is no need to add to those numbers.

Innovation Through Automated Payments

           Credit/debit cards charge a convenience fee because they are inherently convenient. Yes, a 2-4% charge will come out of the company’s sales, but it’s worth it. Automated Payments not only save your customers time and money, but it saves your business time and money. Here are some improvements that we saw in Sun Power Lawn Care. 

  1. Meet payroll every time – The best way we can take care of our clients is by taking care of our employees. Automated payments made that easier. Our cash flow was significantly improved when payments were automatic. That has helped us pay employees on time every time. Our employees prioritize customer experience when they know they are valued.  
  2. Avoid cutting corners – Automatic payments helped us have the finances to buy the right equipment, materials, etc. when we needed them. Good resources mean happy employees. Our team hates fighting old equipment or wasting time knowing there are more efficient ways. 
  3.  Invest in your business – Quality cash flow gave us the time and money to explore better services, more services, and employee training. Our customers love to see innovation. It means we are looking for all the ways to do our best by them. Employee training does the same for our employees. We love the ability to improve, not only the quality of the employee, that we can hire but the quality of training they get once they have joined the team.

 Make Automation Safe and Legal

            Security is, of course, a concern for customers when handing over their credit/debit card information. To keep our customers safe, we partnered with Clearent, an online payment processing company. They process our customer’s payments worry-free. Clearent also takes care of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards to ensure fraud protection. Although automated payments are relatively safe, mistakes can happen. Here is what we do to prevent them. 

  1. Protect the client’s purchase. We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee. Customers need to trust that we will do our best. The only way to do that is to make sure that they do not feel trapped in a purchase. We do the job right or we make it right. If we cannot make it right; we make it free.
  2.  Ensure that our customers know exactly what they are getting and what it costs. When we produce a quote, the client must accept it through a written agreement before we can get started.  
  3. Make sure we have someone at the phone to answer billing questions or concerns. Someone is in the Sun Power office, ready to take calls and answer questions, from 9-5, Monday-Friday. 
  4. Give customers time to review their invoices. We send invoices out on Monday and our payments are filed on Tuesday. That way customers have 24hrs to look at their bill. If issues arise, they can call us with any questions before the payment is processed.

Your Business Deserves to Be Automatic

          Our Sun Power team has built the business with customer care in mind. We switched to automatic payments to make our client’s lives easier and we ended up making our own lives easier. We encourage you to get on this easy business boost today. If you have questions or are just curious about how to get started, feel free to contact me personally at tom@sunpowerlawncare.com. I look forward to pointing you in the direction of how we got this process going.

Do you have a business in need of a facelift? We’re a lawn care service in Gainesville, FL that can help you maximize your curb appeal! You can reach us through our email, admin@sunpowerlawncare.com, or call us directly at (352) 507-5296. We’d be happy to help or simply answer any questions you have about your lawn.

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Little-known SECRET Exposed: Award-winning Flowers Possible!

Lawn Service Consumer Guide

Have you ever seen the picture-perfect flowers at high-end apartment buildings and upscale commercial offices and wondered why yours don’t look as good?  

“I Don’t Understand…?”

Mary Jane stops by Home Depot, searches the store for the right color flower. She finds them in the last aisle, with bright purple petals that would be the perfect accent for her front yard. Mary purchases four flats (about 72 flowers), and hurries them home.

The next morning, small shovel in hand, Mary carefully and painstakingly plants the flowers, one by one, in perfect rows. One hour later, delighted with the result, Mary carefully waters her creation. Proud. Pleased. Her neighbors will be envious.

But as the weeks pass, her carefully planted joy turns to frustration.  Mary complains to her husband, “I don’t understand why these darn things won’t grow! Half of them look dead already!”

Have you ever felt this way about your flowers? Why do some high-end properties have such beautiful flowers while yours struggle?

9 Essential Steps to Flower Perfection

Flowers are more involved than most lawn care operators would have you believe. Few bother to follow the correct formula, but the results are worth it. This is the step-by-step procedure for healthy, great-looking flowers:

1) Identify previous disease that might have contaminated the soil (Pansies and Vinca are susceptible to soil-borne water mold fungus). 2) Remove previous flowers. 3) If a fungus is present or soil has not been recently changed; replace the soil. 4) Till soil and mix in soil amendments as appropriate. 5) Apply a high-quality fertilizer formulated for flowers directly to the bed and rake evenly. 6) Install the new flowers. 7) Wait one month, apply a water-soluble fertilizer to the flowers. 8) Add fertilizer once every 3-4 weeks during the growing period. 9) Remove dead flowers or bulbs as necessary to promote health. Proper watering is imperative. Consult a lawn care professional for advice. Instead of a water-soluble fertilizer you may use a granular product, but watch out! Granular fertilizers, though easier to apply and longer lasting, can easily burn the flower. Flowers

should be fertilized with a high-phosphorus fertilizer before they bloom.

“Neighbors Will Be Envious”

According to Andy Ward of Sun Power Lawn Care, “beautiful flowers require the homeowner and the lawn care company work together. The lawn care company must take the appropriate steps to install the flowers and the homeowner must follow watering guidelines and keep the flowers well fertilized.” If both parties do their job, Andy says “neighbors will be envious… they will wonder why you effortlessly have beautiful flowers while they struggle.”

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Why does everyone have a lawn?

 First off, what is a lawn?

       A quick google search states that a lawn is “an area of short mown grass in a yard, garden, or park.” Now, why do we put such importance on this area of short mowed grass in our yards, gardens or parks? Well, let’s picture the American dream. It’s important to all of us in some fashion. Odds are the image that comes up in your mind is similar to everyone else’s. No matter who you are, or what your actual dream is when you hear “American Dream” you picture the classic husband, wife, two kids, a dog, the nice house, and that white picket fence. Now, I’ll bet in the background, without mention or thought, there is a lovely green, immaculately, maintained lawn protected by the infamous white picket fence.

Why do we have lawns?

     Admit it. That lawn is there. Despite the house, family, or dog that you picture, that nice patch of grass is inevitably there in the mind’s eye. So why do we all have lawns? Because we are conditioned to have them. The history of lawns started in the medieval era where it was important to have clear ground. Cleared grounds made it easy to spot an approaching threat. Later, the sport of bowling and golf introduced the idea of a lawn to the United States. Eventually, the industrial revolution developed the suburbs and the lawnmower. That meant that lawns were not only common but easy to take care of for the average person. Thus, the lawn was permanently inserted into the nature of the modern family.

Lawns today.

       The lawn came from a need for safety, sport, and status. Today, the lawn is still all those things. We have well-maintained lawns so that we can safely roll around in the grass. We have them so that the kids can play football, soccer, or tag. More than ever before we have stunning lawns with picture-perfect flower beds, fountains, and fun garden gnomes. We can now show the world that we have, at very least, achieved that unmentioned, lovely green, immaculately maintained lawn that everyone sees in their version of the American dream.


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