Extreme heat, extreme cold, and during these last months of
summer, extreme storms are all part of the Minnesota living experience. For
Winona, MN, tree owners, such extreme weather can mean sudden, unexpected storm
damage that leaves their trees injured or damaged beyond repair. However, storm
damage doesn’t have to be a death sentence for any of your trees. With
effective first aid, tree health can be preserved even after storm damage
occurs. Maier Tree and Lawn’s tree health professionals can help you take
action and start your trees on their road to recovery.

Storm damage to your trees can come in many forms, ranging from
mild to severe. Sometimes hail and wind just knock some branches loose or shake
some leaves to the ground, but in more extreme cases, you may be dealing with
extensive tree injuries. Major damage to the tree trunk, large amounts of
snapped or loose branches, or even uprooting can be consequences of intense
weather. Yet, even if the damage looks deadly at first glance, you should know
that it’s always a good idea to request a tree health consultation for a
professional opinion. Depending on the type of tree in question and its
condition prior to the storm, the tree still may be salvaged and restored to

Trees are more resilient than most people tend to realize. There
are, of course, conditions that render them more vulnerable, but once they are
grown and healthy, they can withstand a lot of what Mother Nature has to offer.
If your tree was healthy prior to a storm occurring, it will more likely bounce
back from minor storm damage. But it’s important to remember that without professional
expertise, trying to treat a storm damaged tree on your own can result in
further injuries to the tree—and maybe even yourself.

Minor tree injuries can sometimes heal without intervention, and
trimming or sawing when it’s not needed can cause a tree undue stress. Plus,
damaged trees can pose a physical hazard due to their heavy, unstable branches
falling or their risk of tipping. If any of your trees were injured during a
storm, our tree health professionals can help.

Our tree health experts examine each storm damaged tree,
determine the best course of action, and employ appropriate measures and first
aid in order to preserve the health of your trees for as long as possible.
First aid may include careful, precise trunk cutting; stabilization’ strategic
trimming; and more. But regardless of the steps needed, the health of your
trees and the safety of your property are our primary goals.

If you’re looking to save a tree on your property that has
sustained any amount of storm damage, contact Maier Tree and Lawn today.
Winona, MN, area residents invested in tree health and tree recoveries can call
us at (507) 454-7000 or contact us online for more information.

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