I do my own blade sharpening and seem to be doing well with it.

I got a good deal on a John Deere D140 a few years back from an ‘ol runnung buddy who had sold his 10 acre farm and built a house in the city and didn’t need the lawn tractor. It came with a little tailor and sat in my barn for a couple years until I finally got tired of mowing rocks, Steel fence post scrap, along with the trash that was already on this place, and I drag it along with me as I mow. The only problem with that is it forces me to get off the tractor and pick it up, which is why when I started working on my pricing for CoVi Land Services I made sure to add that accordingly.

What I have done is buy another set of blades and that means I always have a backup. When I get back to my shop, I’m already setup and I sharpen the par that’s dull.

My setup is pretty simple, and I would be happy to show it to anyone interested.

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