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Yes, I still got up early, and most likely will until my hunger has been quenched. 

I have some Burrs under my saddle and finally got one removed (Getting back on my latest Gig’s #wordpresswebsite and Changing the password). 

Yes, I’m getting back into designing #websites and have a vengeance to make this one an asset by the end of Memorial Day 2020! 

Since the forces beyond my control have decided to shut down the world that we know, I had to aim my sites on something new. My Uber Side Hustle has Stopped, or at least put the brakes on. 

If you don’t know my history, get a cup of #coffee and take a moment and let me introduce you to me. 

My first memories are from a small town North of #Dallas, #Lewisville #Texas (population app… 40,000). 

At the last part of my 7th grade year (a month prior to the end of school) we moved approximately 50 miles further North to a town with the population of 999. 

That was my first major change in life, and I had to adjust. 

My 8th grade and High-school years were there, and I had to adjust some from 1st chair Bass Clarinet “A” band & playing soccer, to your traditional sports (Football in the Fall; Basketball in the winter; Track in the spring).  

My second major change in life came when I stuck a Honda CX 500 motor cycle into the rear end of a 71 Firebird on a service road to I-35 in Denton, Texas. 

That got me 7 days in ICU at #Parkland Hospital in Dallas. 

My third major change in life came six months after that when I Enlisted in the US #Army. I was out to see the World and “Be all I Could Be”. 

My World tour began at Fort #Leonardwood, #Missouri and ended at #Fort #Riley, #Kansas. 

First Sargent came out to the morning formation and called the company to Attention. The he gave the sweetest statement I ever heard from his mouth; “If you ##@@$$%% want out of my &&^^% %$$##@ Army; fall out of this formation and go stand in front of the Ordily Room. 

By noon there were 14 of us standing out there. 

That started my forth major change in life, but the adjustment came subtly. 

When I returned to the world I knew before the Army, I was in the best shape I had ever been in life and I was ready to take on the challenge’s life had to offer. 

Didn’t take me long to realize, I could not be contained inside a machine shop without windows. Let’s be real; I had seen the world (Missouri & Kansas), and had expanded a part of my life with foreigners from places like Ohio, South Dekota, Tennessee, and the Golden state of California. There were people actually living outside of Denton County.  

My world had expanded and I felt like Johnney Appleseed, ready to go plant my future. 

I installed security systems for a little over a year in what was North Dallas at that time around Cambell Road, where North Dallas Tollway was two lane. My how that has changed. 

Things started to slowdown in the early summer of 1983, and as I was trolling through the want ads of the Denton Record Chronicle for a job, I seen an add the was looking for a Sheetmetal Helper. 

I ask my friend Ward if that was anything like a machine shop.  

Metal is Metal, Right?  

Little did I know my fifth major change in life was about to take place. As I sit here punching out this story at 30 + years later, I’m still trying to get a handle on this Sheetmetal thing. 

It has been good to me though; gave me a chance to see different parts of the world. Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Boston, Providence Rhode Island, Spring Hill Tennessee, Beijing, Tirana Albania, Doha Qatar, Baghdad Iraq, Kabel-Kandahar-Fort Nathan Smith Afghanistan, Islamabad Pakistan, Copenhagen Denmark, Frankfort Germany, Japan, Las Cruces New Mexico, ex… 

And for the last few years I’m back in D/FW still trying to figure out how similar Sheetmetal is with Machine Shop Metal (Ha, Ha, Ha!). 

I have been adding “Side Hustle/Gigs” to my Sheetmetal work to try and get close to what I’m used to bringing home. 

And then came my sixth major change in life; 

I feel so blessed to have been born in the Generation that Ride-share has come around. Knowing the streets of the Metroplex before they became 6-8 lane freeways gives me a leg up on the drivers just getting into the game, along with the Immigrants coming here and hanging out at the Airports like a Taxi all day. 

I did some research the first year, and educated myself on business travel habits within the D/FW market, and now know the major employers, what time their shift changes are, and weather or not they use traveling consultants.  

I Know where you can go and where you shouldn’t go, along with what are the safest times in the day to get you in and out of where you shouldn’t be, considering the average times bad things happen. 

Knowing where the major employers are located, and what time their shift changes are (odds are someone had car trouble). You can place me just about anywhere in the D/FW Metroplex and I can tell you where your best odds are on catching a ride. 

Even though you want me to work on a job in North Dallas; I’ll leave home early and catch three to four rides on the way, along with being able to claim the mileage on my taxes! 

Adding $500-$800 a week to your income, consistently, can be a game changer, and the tax benefits for being an independent contractor works also. Too bad no one from California could figure that one out (Employee vs. Independent Contractor). 

Then in the Spring of 2020 came my major change in life nuber seven; they shut down a booming economy and named a virus after a beer, and the travel industry tanked. 

My favorite number is seven, and if you read the Bible you’ll know why; It’s everywhere! Either in the regular seven or in a multiple of seven, so that leads me to believe that it’s an important number, and my major change in life nuber seven could be just what I’ve been waiting for. 

My New “Side Hustle/Gig” is the Lawncare Business and I’m taking all the knowledge I’ve collected over the years and pointing it at that Industry. 

I’m starting with what I have, just like Lester Brown says; ”Just take what you got and get started”. 

I have a pickup, Trailers (Flatbed and enclosed), Riding Lawn Tractor, Push Lawn mower, Weed-eater, a blower, hedge trimmers, Air compressor, Generator, extension cords, etc… 

If you have a Lawn, Lot, or Pasture that needs to be mowed, call Dan at 817-760-2278, and please leave a message if I don’t pick up; I’m probably on a tractor. 

My latest push is with the online store I’m building at

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