Lawn Care Routines to Follow

Knowing how to properly maintain the health of the lawn is the key to a stunning landscape and an increased property value. As long as you know how to take good care of your lawn, you are well on your way to have a beautiful home. But if you don’t follow proper lawn care routines, you may encounter issues. If you don’t know the right techniques, the following are proper lawn care routines that you should definitely follow:


When watering the lawn, you have to make sure that you take the weather and climate into consideration. It would be counterproductive to water the lawn daily if your area gets a lot of rain. Moreover, you should consider watering when the sun isn’t up yet so that the water won’t evaporate before the roots get enough water that it needs.


If you are mowing the lawn with a lawnmower, make sure that you adjust the machine to only cut a bit of the grass. If you cut too short, the sunlight will be able to reach the soil and cause weeds to grow. Keep the grass at an appropriate height so that it won’t happen. Also, make sure that mow in both directions so that the grass will have uniform growth.

Fertilizing or Mulching

This step is often skipped by people if they don’t see any problems with their lawn. However, you never really know unless you check the quality of the soil. The brown patch that you ignored might be caused by that and it will spread. Consider adding fertilizer or mulch to improve the quality of the soil.

These are just some tips on how to better improve the way you maintain your lawn. But if you still need professional assistance, you can book lawn care services from Complete Lawncare & Tree Service. We utilize effective and efficient methods to maintain the health of the lawn on your property in El Paso, TX.

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