Like people, trees are susceptible to illness and disease. And
like human diseases, tree diseases can quickly spread from tree to tree. While
some trees manage to escape the worst of a disease, others prove more
vulnerable. Protecting your Winona, MN, trees from diseases requires a fair
amount of vigilance, especially if the disease in question is a fast-moving
fungal one such as oak wilt. Our tree disease experts at Maier Tree
and Lawn urge homeowners to keep their eyes peeled for signs of oak wilt so
that if it occurs our tree health experts can step in and ensure a full

What trees are at risk for oak wilt?

As the disease’s name implies, oak trees are the primary targets
for this particular fungal strain. Red oaks are the most vulnerable, but white
oaks can also be afflicted with oak wilt. Depending on the species of oak, the
apparent symptoms may vary slightly or even quite significantly. Oak trees that
are growing close to each other may also be at risk of spreading oak wilt
depending on their underlying root structure. Staying on top of any visible
signs is especially vital if you have a tree grove or a lot of trees on your

What are the signs of oak wilt?

Oak wilt is transported primarily via the internal water
transport systems of your trees. This means that it can spread very quickly and
lead to wilting and discoloration. The wilting can occur as quickly as in four
to five weeks. The tree’s leaves may turn brown or bronze starting from the
outside and then inward. The leaves may also begin to drop as the tree becomes
more ill.

What should you do if you spot symptoms
of oak wilt?

As soon as any symptoms are spotted, it’s important to act. Tree
diseases such as oak wilt kill thousands of trees a year, and depending on the
proximity and species of the trees on your property, it may spread rapidly among more than a single tree. Plus,
oak wilt can also be transmitted via insects, which means that homeowners
should not prune during the growing season. Immediately calling a tree disease
professional after identifying a symptom of oak wilt is the best way to protect
all of your trees.

If you’re concerned that an oak tree on your Winona, MN,
property has been impacted by oak wilt, call Maier Tree and Lawn today. Our
tree disease experts can help evaluate and treat your trees, no matter their current
condition. Call us at (507) 454-7000 or visit
our website

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