last Saturday started just like most of my days start; early!

I have been getting up early ever since my tour in the Army. I also learned while at TCJC (Tarrant County Junior College) that I am most awake early in the morning.

Yes, I’m wired just a little different than most people, but I have learned to take advantage of it.

Once the sun started lighting up the morning, I got in my truck and headed for Arlington. I had a yard to mow that I was contacted about last week that came from one of my Code Violation (CoVi) Yellow Letters.

I had been driving for Lyft the Saturday prior and got to a point in the middle of the day that reminds me that I have to take a break.

I started looking for yards that had “High Grass” and possible Code Violation. That makes #2 of my yards that I mow on a Bi-weekly.

One of the problems I soon discovered once I arrived on sight was, I used online maps and pictures to give my bid; “I can do our yard for $30”. As I was mowing I was continually telling myself this was an easy $50 front yard. But I pushed on.

Leaves were extremely heavy in the driveway, that was also broken up from the tree roots.

After two hours I finally gave in and decided I was going to have to come back to complete.

I’m still not sure if I will ever get paid for the time I have invested, but plan to stop by one afternoon this week to complete the edging, and cleanup the drive.

I did make it to the livestock auction in Cleburne and watched the Goats and Sheep sell. I bid on a few, but didn’t have a trailer or the funds to be competitive. That helped me make a decision to get back to my Rideshare business and create some “Mad-Money”.

My First Nanny Round 2

I spent the rest of Saturday driving for Lyft, and I spent most of the day Sunday driving. And when we completed our project at the GM Plant at noon today, I spent a few hours driving today.

We didn’t get layed-off today, but we will be spending the rest of the week at the shop in Ana, close to 100 miles from Joshua. I won’t be Ride-sharing on the way there in the morning, but I will be on the way home.

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