“Probate Lawn Care”

Started my second Probate Lawn Care project in Alvarado yesterday from a lead I received from my Home Advisor lead source.

My Saturday morning started with me going to look at a property in Fort Worth that I was thinking was actually in Benbrook, a suburb Southwest of Fort Worth, but my GPS kept taking me in the northern direction until I finally got off the freeway and took a look.

Sure enough, I was headed to Far North Fort Worth, and I do not want to start spreading myself into that part of the Metroplex at this time. Dragging my equipment into those dense neighborhoods takes away a lot of my day, and seems to drain my energy when I pigeon hole myself into an area where I can’t turn around.

So I just had to click the button that says “Close – didn’t get the job”

Yes, I’m still going to get charged for the lead, but I add that expense to my “Lawn Care Training”, and try to remember when I get a hit that says “New Opportunity”, I pay closer attention to the location.

That decision did open me up at the right time, because in less than a minute I received the “Probate Lawn Care” lead that turned out a good hit.

I responded right away and it was a lady on her way from Plano, a suburb in North Dallas, to her property in Alvarado.

Long story to a short one; It was her father’s mobile home on an acre that hadn’t been touched all season.

As the pictures show the property from the driveway aimed at the front of the Mobile Home, with four cars in the driveway that are covered by some overgrown trees, and the grass and weeds app waists high.

I contacted the lady again just to reaffirm that everything she had mentioned about the property was true (a tractor with a brush hogg would be the best equipment), and gave her a chance to give me more details about certain things covered by the overgrowth that I would want to know about before I started mowing.

I gave her a price for cutting the grass that she accepted, and then she told me there was a “Window A/C Unit” that she wanted to get out of the house.

Then I said, “I guess you’re going to want the trees trimmed back also?”

She asked me how much that would cost?, and I gave her a reasonable offer that was accepted as she totaled up the Grass Mowing and Tree Trimming together.

She seemed eager to get me the money and wanted me to meet her at the Mansfield EECU (Credit Union/Bank) on Debbie Lane, and that is the kind of customer I really like working with.

After I got there we spoke for a bit,  she gave that phrase about giving money to a stranger, and I told her I fully understand.

Then I mentioned “let me get my equipment and I’ll meet you at the property; but I will need a down payment “.

When she asked how much, I responded ,”you think about that on the way of what it’s worth to you “. And we left it at that.

Being at Debbie Lane and HWY 287, means I pretty much drove due west across Mansfield, Rendon, Crowley, and to Western Joshua.

I only gave myself an hour to get back over to the property, so I didn’t have time to load and unload a trailer to get specific equipment, so I just took what was loaded; (my stand-up Hustler and Self Propelled Toro).

When I got there I text her to let her know, and unloaded the Hustler to start mowing.

She showed up with her sister and husband and I made my way over to shut off the mower and get more details about what was most important.

Her sister lives a couple streets over and has some trees that need trimming also.

I was able to get the grass a once over on the highest deck level so I can find out what kind of trash I need to look out for, and cut a path through the trees so they could get to the window A/C Unit she wanted.

From the looks of everything, I may be doing some demolition work on the front porch and spending extra time at this property every other week when I come to mow.

This makes my third regular customer, possibly number four if you count the sister, which is making me the “Alvarado Lawn Care Guy”, or; as I’m adding to the list of “Probate Lawn Care” customers.

If you have something that needs a trimming, Click Here and send us information.