Taken Advantage Of Today

Yes, I was taken advantage of today by a kid that saw straight through my week was.
My day began with me hooking my pickup to my enclosed trailer , loaded with my lawn mowing equipment ( John Deere Lawn tractor, Toro push mower, string weed eater, hedge trimmer, gas edged, Bisquit powered leaf rake, and blower).
I got a lead in Burleson from the app I have that let’s me take a photo of a lawn that needs mowed and make a post card with my information on it to let them know I mow in the area.
I got another lead yesterday from HomeAdvisor that was located in Godley.
This one is located in one of the new housing additions that have 1 acre lots. I like the 1 + acre lots, and feel that is my sweet spot.
When I got back home, my flatbed gooseneck trailer project was looking at me. I have been poking at it for a while (too long).
I picked up the bolts for the leaf πŸƒ springs the other day, and got the axel out of my 20’ storage container yesterday, so I got that part together and now I needed β€œU” bolts. At 100 degrees, I had no problem getting in my car πŸš— to head for a wrecking yard.
Thinking that would be a good idea, and it’s been a while since I’ve visited that part of town and that environment.
When did this happen?
I feel like my old world is disappearing, and no one lets me know.
And everywhere I go, they won’t me to wear a mask. BLAH πŸ˜•
Orylies – no go
Tractor Supply N. Burleson – no go
Tractor Supply S. Burleson – no go
Advanced Automotive by Dunkin Donut 🍩/Baskin Robins had a raise/lower kit that will work. I’ll have to cut the excess off, but I have a saw-z-all that can handle it.
When I left the automotive shop is where everything went terribly wrong.
I thought since I was close to Dunkin Donut, one little Coffee Cake Muffin wouldn’t hurt 😒 anything. But they knew exactly how to key πŸ”‘ in on my weakness and take advantage of me by putting the Baskin Robins ice cream just inside the door.
I just pointed to the 2 dip cup after fixing my eyes πŸ‘€ on the World 🌍 Class Chocolate , but the kid behind the counter knew I was told n a weakness state, and started telling me how that was a miss conception and only looked like it would be enough.
Then he went straight for my juggler and started telling me how the piant size is filled to the top and they put sh the ice cream in and fill it completely.
Now is the best time to let you know that I really won that battle, being in my most weakest state of mind; he could have sold me a gallon, but settled for the piant.
Even though the lobby was closed, I sat down and ate every spoonful like any champion would do.
Now after meeting CINDY for dinner at the iHop, I have to go put these β€œU” bolts on.
One step closer to completing the project.
I think the spare tire for my enclosed trailer will fit this axel, so just one more will take care of that part.
Then wiring the lights, and RE-decking and my tractor 🚜 is one of the tools πŸ›  to put to work.
Mowing lawns, lots, and pastures is the foundation of CoVi Land Services, and the tractor with attachments will open some new doors πŸšͺ.

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