Thatch Grass 

Thatch is a layer of material that decreases the overall health and vigor of many lawns. Thatch intercepts water, plant nutrients and restricts their penetration to the root zone. In addition, thatch can harbor insects and disease organisms, contributing to other lawn problems.

Thatch is a spongy layer of dead and living grass stems and roots. The plant parts which make up a thatch layer are resistant to decomposition. A thin layer of thatch less than 1/2 inch thick can benefit the lawn by providing an insulating and cooling effect. However, thatch layers can become quite thick, occasionally 2 inches or more in thickness. 

Thatch layers of a marginal thickness of 3/4 inch can be maintained by core aeration on a seasonal basis. This process brings cores of soil to the top of the lawn where the soil disintegrates, releasing organisms that degrade thatch. In addition, the hole produced by the core aeration permit the penetration of water, air, and nutrients to the soil. Extremely thick layers of thatch may require removal by stripping the thatch from the soil. The lawn will require total renovation with such a thick layer of thatch.

     Your lawn care specialist can check your lawn for thatch, and recommend measures necessary to maintain an acceptable thatch layer in your lawn.

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