I speak with people from around the states about the Rideshare industry and a recent question I was asked needs to be shared!

“Are the tips better ?”

My response was ;

Tips are down considerably, but just like before; “the better the conversation, the better the tip.”
Now that the business travelers are staying home, no more mega-sized conventions bringing people that appreciate quality service and reward it.
Pretty much local traffic that think the service should be free.
I still feel Rideshare is the “Perfect Franchise” with all the different possibilities.
If you get your priorities in order and put at the top of your list what makes you happy and stay focused on that, the negative things seem to become minor.
Something I have found that seems to work for me is getting into the habit of taking a nap sometime in the middle of the day. This seems to help me stay on top of my game.
“7/11 Colombian coffee” after the nap has become my weapon of choice and charges my batteries!!!
My biggest challenge seems to be finding a place to feel safe enough and lay my seat back.
So, if you see me parked some where and my seat is reclined, I’m pausing for your safety 😜😜😜
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