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REVIVE-Water Saving Fertilizer

Revive Organic-Based Lawn Fertilizer

The Secret Behind Greener Lawns

Organic-based lawn fertilizers have huge benefits. That is why Revive’s proprietary formula works with your lawn to provide the super, natural nutrients and wetting agents that will produce greener results.

As the #1 water-saving lawn fertilizer, scientifically designed to make lawns green, we have more satisfied customers and are proud to be the science under their thick green lawns. To arm you with the best organic-based lawn care products we carry organic-based granular fertilizer.

Fertilizer Requirements

The amount and formulation of fertilizer to apply depends on soil test results, grass species, environmental conditions and mowing practices.

Soil tests provide information on the availability of major fertilizer nutrients. Some soils contain phosphorus and/or potassium in amounts adequate for the maintenance of turf-grasses. Additional applications of these nutrients through fertilization would not improve the quality of the lawn. On the other hand, grass growing on soils deficient in one or more of these nutrients will respond to fertilizers containing these nutrients. Soil tests also suggest the need for lime or other amendments to correct soil acidity, soil salinity or alkali soil conditions.

Grass species differ in fertilizer requirements in the following order:

Total nitrogen required
(lb/1,000 sq ft/year)
Grass variety
5-7Hybrid bermudagrass
(Tifway, Tifgreen,Tifdwarf)
4-6Common bermudagrass
2-5St. Augustinegrass
Tall fescue
R. L. Duble, James A. McAfee, and A. C. Novosad
Extension Turfgrass Specialists

What the Numbers Mean

Granular fertilizer is made by blending ammonium sulfate (Nitrogen N), phosphate (P) and potash (K). Nitrogen is good for green foliage, phosphate for strong roots and potash for healthy growth. Recommended rate of 1 lb of (N) Nitrogen per 1,000 sft application rate.

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Fertilizer Applications

Timing and distribution of fertilizer applications, as well as rate of application, are important considerations in a lawn fertilization program. Timing applications to corresponds to grass requirements rather than to the convenience of the homeowner can reduce maintenance problems (figure 1). Generally, spring and fall fertilizer applications are adequate for St. Augustine lawns. (Refer to map and calendar for approximate dates.)Figure 1. Approximate dates for fertilizer applications in various regions of Texas.

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