The common conception of what types of plants fall into the
“weed” category varies from region to region and from lawn to lawn, but even
while the categories are inconsistent, the reaction is universal: Ultimately,
weeds are undesirable plants that are interfering with your lawn care and need
to be eradicated. For many Winona, MN, residents, these natural visitors can
range from simply being irritating to becoming outright invasive and damaging
to your lawn. Practicing effective weed control is a necessary part of any
comprehensive lawn care routine, and Maier Tree and Lawn’s weed control experts
can help. 

Weeds need a certain amount of nutrients in order to thrive as well as viable conditions in which to grow. This means that without weed control, weeds will draw nutrients away from desirable turf and grass, and then potentially spread and overtake a lawn. Some common Minnesota weeds like crabgrass are fast growing and stubborn, which can be tough to manage without the help of lawn care experts.

Weeds may also be a sign of an inadequate lawn care routine.
Weeds are largely opportunistic: If there’s room to grow, then they will.
Keeping a lawn weed-free means keeping your turf healthy, your fertilizer
consistent, and your watering regular. As soon as the health of your turf
begins to diminish from a lack of consistent care, weeds take the opportunity
to put down roots.

Weeds may be an inevitable part of lawn care, but the long-term
impact they have on your lawn varies, depending heavily on weed control and
careful intervention. Proper weed control takes more than a one-time treatment;
it requires continual lawn upkeep and lawn care. With professional aeration,
fertilizing, and seeding, you can create an environment in which your turf will
thrive and any weeds will fail.

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